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The Invention of Medicine From Homer to Hippocrates PDF free

Medical thinking and observation were radically changed by the ancient Greeks, one of their great legacies to the world. In the fifth century BCE, a Greek doctor put forward his clinical observations of individual men, women, and children in a collection of case histories known as the Epidemics.

Among his working principles was the famous maxim “Do no harm.” In The Invention of Medicine, acclaimed historian Robin Lane Fox puts these remarkable works in a wider context and upends our understanding of medical history by establishing that they were written much earlier than previously thought.

  • Elegantly written and remarkably learned, The Invention of Medicine is a groundbreaking reassessment of many aspects of Greek culture and city life.
  • explores the consequences for Greek artists, dramatists and the first writers of history.
  • Hippocrates emerges as a key figure in the crucial change from an archaic to a classical world.

About the Author:

Robin Lane Fox is an emeritus fellow at New College, Oxford. He’s the author of many books on ancient and classical history, including Augustine, Alexander the Great, and The Classical World, which was named one of the Top Ten Nonfiction Books of 2006 by the Washington Post Book World. He lives in Oxford, England.

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