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Fascia What it is and Why it Matters PDF

‘I should write a book one day,’ – how many of us think that? Most of us, I’ll wager – myself included. Many people tell me what an accomplishment it is that I have actually done just that. Honestly, it does not feel that way from the inside. It was a thorough pleasure. Of course there were moments … moments where it felt as if what I wanted to say was somehow bigger than my brain could contain. And then those moments had to be funneled through my brain mouth and down into finger words. Writing is a mechanical process. It is also a cranial, thinking process. It is ‘both/and’ – somewhat like fascia. So as I think about how this book came to be I keep coming back to one specific thing, and three people that I would like to blame. What was the specific thing? I was there. My quest to find more reliable outcomes for my patients, those who entrusted me with being the custodian and wayfinder for the way out of their chronic pain, led me to the world of fascia – and that world turned out to be a whole inner universe. I had the good fortune to be there as the science behind the practical, clinical results was crystallizing and being born. We were all taking our first steps as researchers and clinicians and were just keeping our heads above water. But delightfully so. Sometimes the science offered tantalizing answers, and just as often led to even more tantalizing connections and questions. But, by and large, we were all buoyed by the idea that we were on to something, and that something was special. Something so special yet so ubiquitous as to be overlooked because it seemed as common as water is to fish and air is to mammals. Fascia. Connective tissue.

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