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Muscle Energy Techniques 2nd Edition PDF

Muscle energy techniques (MET) evolved in osteopathic medicine from a variety of roots, including the pioneering work of TJ Ruddy DO (1961). Ruddy’s approach (‘rapid resistive duction’) was just one stimulus that inspired the work of Fred Mitchell Sr DO, who is generally credited with the formulation of the basis of MET, to refine and modify an approach that he described as ‘muscular energy technique’. Other sources that guided Mitchell include the founder of osteopathic medicine, Andrew Taylor Still, whom Mitchell (1958) quotes as saying, ‘The attempt to restore joint integrity before soothingly restoring muscle and ligamentous normality [is] putting the cart before the horse.’ Over the years since 1958, when Mitchell first published details of MET, many others both within the osteopathic profession (such as Kuchera & Kuchera 1994), as well as from manual medicine (most notably Karel Lewit MD 1999 and Vladimir Janda MD 1993), physiotherapy (for example Jull & Janda 1987) and chiropractic ( for example Craig Liebenson DC 1996 – see chapter 5) have all devised enhancements and modifications to MET’s original model of use. The basic concepts of MET involve using the intrinsic power of muscles to achieve a variety of effects, involving isometric and isotonic contraction variations, and this volume aims to offer insights into, and practical applications of, most of these.

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