Ganong’s Review of Medical Physiology 25th Edition PDF download

Ganong’s Review of Medical Physiology 25th Edition PDF Free Download

Ganong’s Review of Medical Physiology 25th Edition PDF

Once again, we are delighted to launch a new edition of Ganong’s Review of Medical Physiology—the 25th. The authors have attempted to maintain the highest standards of excellence, accuracy, and pedagogy developed by Fran Ganong over the 46 years during which he educated countless students worldwide with this textbook. Recognizing the pivotal, and increasing, role for graphical material in effective medical education, our goal for this new edition was to undertake a thorough overhaul of the art program while also making important and timely updates to the text. The vast majority of the figures in this edition have been revised or are wholly new. To aid in understanding across content areas, we have used consistent coloring and diagrammatic schemes, wherever possible, to depict comparable structures, cells and organs. We have also included an increased number of cartoons and conceptual diagrams, as well as flow charts, to promote learning of the integrated material that defines physiology. Overall, we hope that the updates to the volume engage the student and make understanding and assimilation of the material a more pleasurable task. We remain grateful to the many colleagues and students who contacted us with suggestions for clarifications and new material upon reviewing the 24th edition. This input helps us to ensure that the text is as useful as possible, although the responsibility for any errors, which are almost inevitable in a project of this scope, remains with the author team. Nevertheless, we hope that you enjoy the fruits of our labors, and the new material in the 25th Edition. This edition is a revision of the original works of Dr. Francis Ganong.

Dr. Abdullah is a professor and a doctor teaching students to get there med license.

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