Brukner & Khan’s Clinical Sports Medicine 4th Edition PDF download

Brukner & Khan’s Clinical Sports Medicine 4th Edition PDF Free Download

Brukner & Khan’s Clinical Sports Medicine 4th Edition PDF

This completely updated print and online resource is unashamedly founded on the previous three editions. To date, this text has satisfied more than 80 000 clinicians and provided core material for students who focus on the care of active people in Australia, New Zealand. Africa, Asia, Europe, and the Americas. Japanese readers have their own translation. The overwhelming support for this clinically based textbook means we are particularly indebted to our partners in all previous editions. Specific thanks for the fourth edition go to chapter co~authors listed with their affiliations on pages xxxvi-xli. Expert co-authors provide the crucial innovation and timeliness that Clinical Sports Medicine users demand. We are both humbled and privileged to be sharing cover authorship with seven amazing colleagues and friends-Drs Cook, Crossley, McConnell, Bam, Blair, McCrory, and Noakes (ladies first, of course). We would love to have listed more names on the cover but the designer overruled us on that one! A further 109 co-authors made this book happen. It takes a community to create Clinical Sports Medicine-and we are grateful for every single member of that hardworking international community. Because this edition fully embraces digital media, we especially acknowledge those co-authors who contributed to this innovation. Particular thanks go to Dr Mark Hutchinson, and the team in Chicago, for providing critical and substantial content for the online masterclasses. Vicky Earle has gained international recognition for her artwork; thank you for continuing to translate clinical innovation in ways that jump to life for users. The University of British Columbia (Department of Family Practice-Faculty of Medicine as well as Faculty of Education) provided essential support (KK), as did the Olympic Park Sports Medicine Centre, The University of Melbourne and Liverpool Football Club (PB). Clinical Sports Medicine benefits from the continuity, consistency, and integration honed over two decades, and from the expertise and freshness of cutting-edge international chapter authors. We seek out the world’s best and we appreciate their responding to our calls! It has been a pleasure to work with every member of the Clinical Sports Medicine 4th edition team.

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