How to Learn Anatomy PDF

Most of the time I’m drawing cartoon characters, these are not hyper realistic. And because of that I’m always focussed on simple shapes first. But even when you want to draw realistic anatomy I think this book can be of some good help. Because these simple shapes will be a good basis before you starting to add all those details and muscles on top of it. You can use it to learn from or use it for reference when you are drawing a difficult pose. When you are just starting out the best way to learn is to take small steps. Maybe start with copying the drawings inside this book and try to examine all the different parts. Once you get comfortable at copying those drawings you could start looking for photos of people where you can see those muscles. Like a photo from a boxer or a ballerina in a clear pose. Draw those characters and draw the muscles on top of those drawings, try to see how those muscles work and where they are connected. It takes a lot of time to learn anatomy, so don’t get worried that it takes a lot of time to learn. Try to have fun and enjoy the process. Start with doing each day thirty minutes instead of doing a couple of hours in one go and get frustrated with it. Doing everyday a bit will make a big difference after some period of time. When you have difficulty drawing the shapes, start practising drawing cubes, circles and cylinders. When you can comfortably draw those shapes on paper in 3D, you can basically draw everything. Because with mixing those shapes up you can build any shape you want.

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