Running Anatomy 2nd Edition PDF

Running Anatomy will educate you about how and why the human body works as it does during the movements involved in running. By detailing the mechanisms of movement through illustrations, the book shows, in a simple format, what happens when your body engages in running. More specifically, it explains how and why movement is produced through interaction of the bones and the soft tissues (including muscles, tendons, ligaments, fasciae, blood vessels, and nerves), as well as what you can do to help you reach your personal running goals. This new edition also addresses how running performance is affected by the brain. The illustrations presented in Running Anatomy will help you understand the anatomy involved in running—in particular, how bones, organs, muscles, ligaments, and tendons work to move the body. The text of each chapter explains the function of the body parts shown in the illustrations. The anatomical illustrations that accompany the exercises are color coded to indicate the primary and secondary muscles and the connective tissues involved in each exercise or running-specific movement. After detailing how theE 7b04o2d/Pyu lefuo/nKecyt/i5o8n5s2 9w8/phuellend /rr1unning, we present ways to strengthen the body through specific exercises designed to enhance performance. The exercises included in the chapters devoted to specific parts of the anatomy will help you improve your running performance; they will also help you avoid injury by eliminating anatomical imbalances that often occur naturally but are exacerbated by the muscular–skeletal demands of running. Finally, the chapters addressing current topics in running will help you make well-informed choices about exercises, training, and gear.

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