Impact Of Technology & Gadgets On Our Lives.

High-Tech gadgets have occupied a major role in our daily lives whether we like it or not. All of the gadgets were made to make life better for us in general.  These high-tech gadgets do play a significant role, but we just cannot deny the fact that many of the gadgets do have a negative influence on our lives.

Significance Of Gadgets And Innovations.

The modern technology and gadgets have surely made life easier. It is now easier to get in touch with our loved ones, do research at home, read books at home, gadgets are a huge source of entertainment and so on. Broadly speaking, you just name a thing and modern technology surely does have a way for you.

Psychological Dependence On Gadgets And Technology.

We surely need to understand that technology and gadgets were made to make our life easier and that we should not make them a source of addiction. These things should be used productively and not addictively. People have made gadget and technology usage an obsession nowadays which is clearly not a healthy sign.

Adverse Effects Of Prolonged Gadget Usage.

Using gadgets over a very long period of time has many adverse effects. While we are busy using gadgets we forget about our posture, our distance from the screen, the screen’s brightness which ultimately damages our vision and health.  When we are staring at an electronic screen for a longer period of time it causes distress, which in turn disturbs our healthy life.

Negative Effects Of Gadget Usage On Children.

According to a research 29% of toddlers can easily use modern day gadgets and 70% master it by primary school age. From these figures we can have a rough idea about how alarming the situation is. These gadgets have many negative effects on children such as speech or language delay in children, attention deficits, children having difficulty controlling their behavior, loss in focus, restlessness, difficulty in learning, anxiety, depression, impact on child’s character and many more. The situation with kids and gadgets is very alarming.


Though helpful, but technology and gadgets can be very harmful if made an obsession or addiction. We need to properly manage gadget usage especially for the children. We need to set time for the usage of these gadgets and we should make our children play outside with their friends and siblings. In this way gadget usage will be limited and it will also help the child to interact and communicate. Use technology and gadgets in good way and you’re all good, use it in a bad way and man you are surely in trouble. Here is great book that explains the topic more widely, hope you guys give it a read. Irresistible: The Rise of Addictive Technology and the Business of Keeping Us Hooked by Adam Alter.

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