Neuroanatomy through Clinical Cases 2nd Edition PDF

Neuroanatomy is a living, dynamic field that can bring both intellectual delight and aesthetic pleasure to students at all levels. However, by nature, it is also an exceedingly detailed subject, and herein lies the tragic pitfall of all too many neuroanatomy courses. Crushing amounts of memorization are often required of students of neuroanatomy, leaving them little time to step back and gain an appreciation of the structural and functional beauty of the nervous system and its relevance to clinical practice. This book has a different point of view: instead of making the mastery of anatomical details the main goal and then searching for applications of this knowledge, actual clinical cases are used as both a teaching instrument and motivating force to encourage students to delve into further study of normal anatomy and function. Through this approach, structural details take on immediate relevance as they are being learned. In addition, each clinical case is an ideal way to integrate knowledge of disparate functional systems, since a single lesion may affect several different neural structures and pathways. Over 100 clinical cases, accompanied by neuroradiological images, are presented in this text, and I am grateful to many neurologists, neurosurgeons, and neuroradiologists at the Columbia, Harvard, and Yale medical schools for helping me to amass enough material to present clinically relevant discussions of the entire nervous system. I have used this book’s diagnostic method to teach neuroanatomy at these medical schools, and both students and faculty greeted the innovation enthusiastically. Through publication of Neuroanatomy through Clinical Cases I hope that students and faculty at many additional institutions will find this to be an enjoyable and effective way to learn neuroanatomy and its real-life applications.

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