Netter’s Sports Medicine 2nd Edition PDF

We are grateful for the opportunity to carry on the widespread popularity of the first edition of Netter’s Sports Medicine, the history of Team Physician’s Handbook, and the revered anatomical graphic works of Frank Netter, MD. The second edition continues to embrace a well-organized, colorful, bulleted outline format combined with helpful Netter graphics, tables, figures, pictures, diagnostic imaging, and other medical artwork. The text hosts a national and international author base that represents the best in sports medicine today. Serving as a team physician is a unique privilege and an awesome challenge. Netter’s Sports Medicine is written for the multitude of physicians and other health care professionals who are fortunate enough to provide care to a variety of athletes and active individuals in almost any athletic setting imaginable, from pediatric to senior athletics, Little League to professional sports, weekend warrior to Olympic champion, and backcountry mountainside to Super Bowl field. The book is designed to serve as a comprehensive sports medicine resource and a ready reference in the busy outpatient office, in the training room, on the sideline, and in the long, quiet hours of preparation for sports medicine board certification. Insightful, expert, anecdotal experience fills the void where the most current evidence in sports medicine falls short, and careful considerations of controversies are mindfully presented. The sports medicine literature has grown exponentially since the first edition of Netter’s Sports Medicine and its predecessor three editions of the Team Physician’s Handbook, and many new chapters and chapter sections were added and revised to reflect the evolving depth and breadth of our exciting field. The text is divided into user-friendly sections for quick reference, and each chapter includes a Recommended Readings section limited to the best sources. We have added videos to support learning, and additional information supplementing certain chapters is available online. We welcome many new, respected authors who joined us to produce this book, and we are fortunate to continue our lasting relationship with numerous previous authors, who are leaders in their respective areas of emphasis. We thank all the authors who contributed chapters to previous texts, and whose chapter templates continue to provide a strong foundation to build upon.

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