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The Oxford Medical Handbook Collection is the worlds most widely used collection of books among medical students and practitioners. These books have all the crip details and basic knowledge that every medical student and practitioner needs to know about. All subjects of all course years have been included in this collection and without a doubt is the best Oxford collection ever.

Oxford Medical Handbook Collection PDF

The Oxford Medical Handbooks are the market leading series of pocket handbooks, written for a broad medical readership, from students, junior doctors and specialist trainees, to nurses, dentists, paramedics, and allied health professionals.


The series began with the publication in 1985 of the beloved Oxford Handbook of Clinical Medicine. Starting life as handwritten notes to help the authors get through their junior doctor years, it is now the world’s best-selling medical handbook. Since then the series has grown to around 50 books, covering medical specialties from paediatrics to geriatric medicine, and more. Titles fall into two broad categories; those for medical students and junior doctors, and those for specialist trainees.

Reputation for quality

The Oxford Medical Handbook Collection reputation is built on including only the best quality, clinically relevant information. Every book is reviewed by people who fit the profile of the intended readership, and each book is also checked by subject experts. Extensive market research makes sure that the books feature the most recent information about medical training and practice, so every book in the series delivers exactly what readers need. Where relevant, junior co-authors ensure the content is kept relevant to the core readership and reflects the reality of day-to-day medical practice.

Unique format and top-quality production

We are proud not only of the content of our handbooks, but also of the unique format and high standards of production for which the Oxford Medical Handbooks have become known. Information is presented with one topic per page spread, in a style which is quick and easy to take in. The books are designed to help readers find the information they need quickly, with contents tabbed on the back cover and the sides of pages, and emergency sections banded in red. The heavy-duty plastic covers and ribbon bookmarks are perennially popular, and blank pages for the reader’s notes mean that an Oxford Medical Handbook can be kept for years and years.

The Future of The Oxford Medical Handbook Collection

OUP is continually reassessing the way we transmit information. We now produce apps for many of our Handbooks, including apps for the iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, and Android.

We’ve also relaunched Oxford Medical Handbooks online, which makes electronic versions of most of the Oxford Medical Handbooks available for purchase by institutions and libraries.

We’re also proud of our mini version of the Oxford Medical Handbook of Clinical Medicine, and the Oxford Handbooks in Nursing series continues to grow, as does both the Emergencies in series, and the Oxford Specialist Handbooks series, which covers specific areas within various specialities —Cardiology, End-of-Life Care, Surgery, Paediatrics, Nephrology, and Anaesthesia, to name a few.

Used in every hospital and GP surgery across the UK and known throughout the world, the Oxford Medical Handbooks Collection PDF continues to grow, expand, and provide a practical and trustworthy resource for medics and nurses everywhere.

Table of Contents

Below is a list of all the Oxford Medical Handbook Collection PDF books available in the download button at the end. You can click each book individually for download.

  1. Oxford Handbook of Urology 3rd Edition
  2. Oxford Handbook of Respiratory Medicine 2nd Edition
  3. Oxford Handbook of Pre-Hospital Care
  4. Oxford Handbook of Palliative Care 2nd Edition
  5. Oxford Handbook of Occupational Health 2nd Edition
  6. Oxford Handbook of Nephrology and Hypertension 2nd Edition
  7. Oxford Handbook of Reproductive Medicine and Family Planning 2nd Edition
  8. Oxford Handbook of Geriatric Medicine 2nd Edition
  9. Oxford Handbook of Neurology 2nd Edition
  10. Oxford Handbook of Psychiatry 3rd Edition
  11. Oxford Handbook of Cardiology 2nd Edition
  12. Oxford Handbook of Clinical Specialties 10th Edition
  13. Oxford Handbook of Clinical Surgery 4th Edition
  14. Oxford Handbook of Critical Care 3rd Edition
  15. Oxford Handbook of Emergency Medicine 4th Edition
  16. Oxford Handbook of Endocrinology and Diabetes 3rd Edition
  17. Oxford Handbook of Forensic Medicine
  18. Oxford Handbook of Neonatology 2nd Edition
  19. Oxford Handbook of Sport and Exercise Medicine 2nd Edition
  20. Oxford Handbook of Infectious Diseases and Microbiology
  21. Oxford Handbook of Medical Dermatology 2nd Edition
  22. Oxford Handbook of Clinical Pharmacy 3rd Edition
  23. Oxford Handbook of Rheumatology 4th Edition
  24. Oxford Handbook of Ophthalmology 4th Edition
  25. Oxford Handbook of Clinical and Laboratory Investigation 4th Edition
  26. Oxford Handbook of Obstetrics and Gynecology 3rd Edition
  27. Oxford Handbook of Clinical Medicine 10th Edition

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