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Pocket Tutor Abdominal Imaging PDF


With the advent of new imaging modalities the field of abdominal imaging has undergone rapid changes in recent years. However, traditional examinations such as abdominal radiography and barium studies are still used for a variety of conditions. A good working knowledge of common manifestations of disease in both older and new modalities is therefore vital for students and clinicians. This book starts with a concise overview of abdominal anatomy, then provides a step-by-step guide to interpreting normal imaging results before demonstrating the appearance of key abnormalities. The book then presents concise, practical information on common abdominal conditions that may be encountered in routine medical or surgical practice, each one illustrated by radiological images of the highest quality. Key facts and treatment information are provided for each condition, and a list of key imaging features is included. To facilitate visual understanding, these features are labelled on the corresponding images, along with anatomical landmarks and other notable aspects. It is hoped that the book will serve as a handy companion for quick reference during teaching and ward rounds, and as a revision tool before examinations. Although primarily aimed at medical students and radiology trainees, the book will also be useful to all physicians and surgeons requiring a pocket-sized guide to abdominal imaging.
I would like to thank my colleagues at the Radiology Department, Warwick Hospital and also colleagues at South Warwickshire Foundation for their encouragement, help and advice. I would especially like to thank the editorial team at JP Medical, London for their expertise and help during the production of this book. Finally I would like to thank my wife and family for their help and support during the writing and production of this book.

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