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Pocket Tutor Clinical Examination PDF

Proficiency in history-taking and clinical examination is fundamental to good clinical practice. To acquire it, you will require practical skills and a thorough understanding of the systems of the body. You will also need to be able to work in partnership with your patients, listening to their concerns and respecting their individuality and dignity. Pocket Tutor Clinical Examination helps you develop this wide range of skills. The first two chapters outline the general principles of structuring a consultation, taking a history and conducting an examination. Approaches to forming a differential diagnosis and following up a consultation are included, along with ethicolegal considerations and a summary of the relevance of evidence-based medicine to clinical skills.
Ten systems-based chapters then follow, each one starting with a recap of key anatomy and physiology before describing system-specific symptoms and signs. Subsequent discussion of clinical examination guides you through the most commonly used techniques. Each systems chapter closes with a summary of common investigations likely to be requested as a result of positive examination findings, along with a summary table. Some patient groups require special approaches to history and examination, for example because of communication difficulties or age-related characteristics. Accordingly we devote the final three chapters to children, the elderly and critically ill patients. We hope this book helps you develop the skills you will need to be a first class clinician.

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