Practical Neurosurgery Analysis of clinical cases PDF download

Practical Neurosurgery Analysis of clinical cases PDF Free Download
Practical Neurosurgery Analysis of clinical cases PDF

I learn with dismay that in some medical colleges in Mumbai and elsewhere, education at the bedside is being given short shrift. Leisurely ward rounds conducted daily by senior physicians and surgeons along with a retinue of residents and students; several minutes being spent at each bedside for elicitation of details of history, demonstration of physical signs and discussion on diagnosis and care are now matters of the past. Likewise, discussions in the outpatient department, where rapid clinical assessment and triaging are best learnt by students and residents, are also disappearing. Finally, the bedside clinic, where the head of the clinical unit sat by the bedside of a selected patient with students and residents on stools around the bed, is also a mere memory. Medical students, present and future, are being immensely deprived due to the present practice of reliance on tests to the exclusion of the use of one’s clinical judgement. Works such as Applied Medicine—Descriptive Cases and Cases Demonstrated at the Bedside by Question and Answer (G.E. Beaumont, J. & A. Churchill, London, 1950) and Bedside Clinics in Medicine (F.E. Udwadia, Oxford University Press, Delhi, 2007) are now seldom encountered. Under these circumstances, this volume is warmly welcome. The headings of the chapters indicate the approach followed by editors and authors. The emphasis is on the person who is now a patient: a child with a large head, a child with an abnormally shaped head, a child with a swelling on the forehead and widened distance between the orbits, a patient with dementia, a patient with seizure, a patient with sudden severe headache, a patient with spastic paraparesis…

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