Williams Obstetrics Study Guide 25th Edition PDF download

Williams Obstetrics Study Guide 25th Edition PDF Free Download
Williams Obstetrics Study Guide 25th Edition PDF

The Williams Obstetrics 25th Edition Study Guide is designed to assess comprehension and retention of information presented in Williams Obstetrics, 25th edition. The questions for each section have been selected to emphasize the key points from each chapter. In total, nearly 2100 questions have been created from the 65 chapters. Questions are in a multiple-choice format, and one single best answer should be chosen for each. With this edition, we have also included more than 400 full-color and ultrasound images as question material. In addition, clinical case questions have been added to test implementation of content learned. At the end of each chapter, answers are found, and a page guide directs readers to the section of text that contains the answer. We hope that our clinical approach to this guide translates into a more accurate test of important clinical knowledge. We dedicate this edition of the study guide to perhaps the most important and oft-forgotten teachers of our profession, our patients. They permit us the unique privilege of caring for them and their unborn children, allow us the opportunity to hone our medical and surgical skills on a daily basis, stimulate our perpetual pursuit of knowledge, and inform future areas of investigation in the field of obstetrics. The many clinical images and case-based questions that fill this study guide are a tangible embodiment of their many contributions to our field and profession. We offer this dedication as a token symbol of our sincere gratitude.

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