Robotic Head and Neck Surgery PDF download

Robotic Head and Neck Surgery PDF Free Download
Robotic Head and Neck Surgery PDF

The field of head and neck surgery is rapidly changing and adopting new surgical technologies with the goal of offering the patient treatments that are safe and effective with improved outcomes, decreased morbidity, and a shorter recovery period. Surgical robotic systems represent one such group of technology. What began ten years ago as a novel technology is quickly becoming a standard tool of the head and neck surgical oncologist in treating head and neck aerodigestive cancers. Additionally, the utilization of this technology continues to expand to thyroid surgery, neck dissections, nasal and nasopharyngeal surgery, as well as sleep surgery. As we began our experience with robotic surgery of the head and neck, we quickly realized the shift in the surgical perspective to the head and neck anatomy; especially as many of the surgical sites were traditionally accessed through an open approach. While recent research and articles highlight this change in perspective with an increased scrutiny of the vascular and nerve anatomy in the region, we identified a gap in the presence of a surgical atlas. This book represents the culmination of contributions from robotic surgeons in the field and their experience with robotic surgery and this shift in the anatomic perspective. It is intended for budding surgeons who are training in programs with high surgical volume with the robot, as well as for experienced surgeons who are now incorporating surgical robots into their practice paradigm. Included are videos with cadaveric and live patient dissections that further illustrate the perspective associated with endoluminal surgery in contrast to open surgery. With continual changes in technology and new robotic systems on the horizon, there has been a concerted shift away from open surgery and towards endoluminal surgery or alternate/ remote incisions to neck surgery. With this shift, this atlas will continue to be useful in highlighting the anatomical landmarks and perspective for these surgical approaches.

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