Start Exploring Gray’s Anatomy A Fact-Filled Coloring Book PDF

Start Exploring Gray’s Anatomy A Fact-Filled Coloring Book PDF Free Download

Start Exploring Gray's Anatomy A Fact-Filled Coloring Book PDF

What is anatomy? Doctors will tell you that anatomy is the study of the bones, muscles, blood vessels, and organs of living creatures. They will also tell you about the excitement and the feeling of discovery that come from seeing how the parts of the body fit and work together. And what better way to discover the wonders of the human body than by coloring in a selection of drawings from Gray’s Anatomy, the classic reference book in the field? The Gray’s Anatomy Coloring Book gives you a chance to learn about the human body and have fun at the same time. You can choose any colors that please you. But the odds are that if a doctor found some of these colors in your body, he or she would be far from pleased! That’s because the color of the organs in the human body provides important clues about the presence of disease. For example, a yellow liver is full of fat, a red liver is full of blood, and a green liver is full of bile. Some livers are multicolored! Most of your internal organs are shades of tan or pink. Your liver and spleen are purplish-brown, your adrenal glands are bright yellow, and fat is slightly less yellow. The outside of your brain is light gray, and the inside is almost white. Blood, of course, is red. Those veins you thought were blue only seem that color because you’re looking at them through your skin. It’s handy to know these colors, but that’s no reason why you should feel you have to stick to them. If you want green lungs, go ahead and have them. Explore! Have fun! Discover the wonders of the machine called the human body.

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