Stretching Therapy For Sport and Manual Therapies PDF download

Stretching Therapy For Sport and Manual Therapies PDF Free Download

Stretching Therapy For Sport and Manual Therapies PDF

This text is important because, arguably for the first time, the topic is covered comprehensively (and well) – incorporating as it does all essential features including anatomy, physiology, methodology, safety, variations, effects and research evidence, together with excellent muscle-by-muscle illustrations and clearly described protocols. Stretching may appear a simple enough procedure, however it is deceptively complex, and there are a great many ways of getting it wrong, and/or of producing potentially harmful outcomes, as well as a variety of different ways of stretching correctly – depending on the effects that are required. What this excellent text has managed to combine is a broad overview of the physiology, neurophysiology and methodology of stretching: with discussion of contexts as varied as application of stretching during immobilization, trauma, post-surgery, cramp, joint inflammation and restriction, as well as in relation to specific conditions such as back and neck pain, tennis elbow, carpal tunnel syndrome, disc problems, neural damage and hypermobility. Most importantly the preventive features of appropriate stretching are dealt with in relation to sport, body type, age, gender, inherited factors (hypermobility for example), and even the best times of day to stretch! The effects of stretching on mobility, flexibility, strength, muscle length, tendons, fascia, ligaments, nerves are all evaluated.

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