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Tropical Diseases A Practical Guide for Medical Practitioners PDF

The face of medicine is changing faster than ever at the onset of the 21st century. For health professionals, challenges are multifold. Rare viral diseases have emerged. Through migrations and tourism people are increasingly exposed to old diseases, which, for some, present new problems. We assigned ourselves six purposes, while creating a unique and convenient reference tool for medical practitioners:
• To propose a clinically convenient classifi cation of parasitic diseases, according to the adult or fi nal stage of the parasite location in the human body • To provide geographic distribution maps which aid the fast fi nding of disease origin and infection risk
• To approach each disease systematically with succinct historical background, geographic distribution, main symptoms, treatment, and prevention (given the tremendous gap between the gold-standard tests for parasitic diseases and what is currently available in most hospitals, we intentionally left out the laboratory diagnostic aspect)
• To create an awareness of potential global risks of tropical diseases and present means of prevention at the individual level
• To illustrate the text with vignettes of clinical examples, gathered from global medical practice, aimed at making theory come to life
• To embrace clarity and simplicity in an era of rapidly increasing complexity and sophistication We have included a differential diagnosis list for diarrhea, fever, pruritus, and splenomegaly. Medication names are given according to the international common denomination. Treatments are based on experience and take into account factors such as greatest effi cacy and fewest adverse reactions, geographic availability, and cost in developing countries. Unfortunately, the goldstandard therapeutic options are not available in every community around the world. To help medical practitioners observe their duty of primum non noncere, we have included a list of contraindications of all the medications cited in the book. Also, we have listed all the FDA-approved vaccines and those available in France and given a link to international health-care organizations. For easy reference, we have opted for an alphabetical order throughout the text. We emphasize practicality and therefore effi ciency in our recommendation of optimal diagnostic and curative approaches in as many health-care settings as possible.

Dr. Taimour is a dedicated medical professional and passionate advocate for international medical graduates seeking to pursue their dream of becoming a doctor abroad. With a wealth of experience and firsthand knowledge of the challenges and rewards of this journey, Dr. Harrison is committed to helping aspiring physicians navigate the complex world of medical licensure exams, such as the USMLE and PLAB, and find their path to success in foreign medical practice.

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