100 Hand Cases 1st Edition PDF download

100 Hand Cases 1st Edition PDF Free Download

Over the course of the past 15 years at our respective institutions—Washington University and Stanford University—we have had the honor and pleasure of training hundreds of medical students, residents (both orthopedic and plastic), and hand fellows. We have found that teaching hand surgery is best done while standing in front of a patient, while looking at a radiograph, or while settling in at the operating table. The education is personal and is focused on that specific hand problem. The scope of hand and upper extremity surgery—from the shoulder to the fingertip and from skin to bone—can be overwhelming. However, we have realized that many themes repeat; the same hand problems present over and over. We decided that most of the core principles in hand surgery can be presented in 100 illustrative case examples. This book, 100 Hand Cases, attempts to cover these key principles of hand surgery with straightforward treatment of classic hand problems. This book will be an easy read. Only one photo per chapter is shown on purpose, and the presentation and treatment of each problem are concise. It is exactly what we discuss with our students, residents, and fellows in several focused minutes at the bedside or operating table. This book is designed for the learner to have an overview of the entire spectrum of hand surgery and to become familiar and comfortable with the most common hand problems. Key articles are listed for those who wish to delve deeper.

Special thanks to Julia Roeder Chang and Angela Sotelo for your wonderful transcription, editing, and organization. We hope this book will give surgeons of every level confidence in treating the myriad clinical presentations that make up the extraordinary field of hand surgery.

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Print Length: 272 pages
1 edition (March 1, 2016)
Language: English

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