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Advanced Ceramics for Dentistry PDF Free Download

Nowadays, you are likely to find references to the topics covered in this book, in two types of publication: reference books about bioceramics or dental ceramics; or about dental materials. However, whilst books covering the subject of bioceramics might provide indepth coverage of the topic, books in the latter category will more likely present ceramics in an over simplified manner. In a way, neither type reflects the current status of the field, particularly the actions that are rapidly being taken for future developments. This is because the majority of ceramics currently in use in restorative dentistry are regarded neither as bio-oriented nor as being developed for dental purposes only, at least not at the moment of introduction into the field of dentistry. It was during close collaboration with dental practitioners and the dental industry that the editors of this book recognized a dissymmetry of knowledge concerning ceramics and the demands for ceramics.
They felt a similar knowledge gap existed between ceramics and, in general, the practical demands of ceramics, in the fields of materials science and engineering. Advanced ceramics for dentistry appears to be such a topic. The original motivation for this book was to integrate two topics (advanced ceramics and the demand for advanced ceramics in restorative dentistry) into a single, comprehensive resource. We were encouraged by the favorable responses received during a successful symposium on “Advanced Ceramics and Ceramic Processes for Dentistry,” which we organized together with Horst Fisher, Leif Hermansson, and Jenny Fäldt in association with the 12th Conference of the European Ceramic Society that was held in Stockholm in June 2011. This book is still materials-oriented, but with a strong focus on the latest applications of advanced ceramics for solving the problems encountered in restorative dentistry.