Clark’s Positioning in Radiography 13th Edition PDF download

Clark’s Positioning in Radiography 13th Edition PDF Free Download

Clark’s Positioning in Radiography 13th Edition PDF

This new edition, with a newly expanded team, continues with the success of the 12th edition in containing the majority of current plain radiographic imaging techniques in a single volume. Mammography, however, is not included but is to be found in the companion volume Clark’s Procedures in Diagnostic Imaging, where it is included in a separate chapter devoted to all the imaging modalities associated with breast imaging. This fully revised 13th edition builds on the changes made in the 12th edition, reflecting the changing technology and demands on a modern diagnostic imaging department and the need to provide optimal images consistent with the ALARP principle. New in Chapter 1 is the emphasis on the ‘patient journey’, with a focus on the needs of the patient and a reflection on the important steps in the process of delivering images of high quality. Also introduced is the formal process of ‘image evaluation’, which radiographers are frequently engaged in, delivering their comments on acquired images as part of an ‘initial report’ in an agreed structure. Additionally, the student is further guided with the inclusion of a ‘10 Point Plan’ which will aid in ensuring excellent diagnostic images are presented for viewing and interpretation. The important role that ‘imaging informatics’ plays is added to provide a general understanding as to how it is used best, both to maximise image quality and to provide the means to administer, store and communicate images where they are needed. For the first time recommended diagnostic reference levels (DRLs) are included within the description of a number of radiographic techniques. Those quoted are derived from the recommended references doses published in the UK in the HPA – CRCE – 034 report Doses to patients from radiographic and fluoroscopic X-ray imaging procedures in the UK 2010 Review. For those DRLs not included in the report DRLs are added, which are calculated on a regional basis by means of electronic X-ray examination records courtesy of Integrated Radiological Services (IRS) Ltd, Liverpool.

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