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Chi Self-Massage The Taoist Way of Rejuvenation PDF Free Download
Chi Self-Massage The Taoist Way of Rejuvenation PDF

In the last pages of this book, the reader will find descriptions of the courses and workshops offered by our Universal Tao Centers. This material is also in effect a comprehensive description of the whole Taoist system. All of my books together will be a composite of this Taoist world-view. Each of my books is thus an exposition of one important part of this system. Each sets forth a method of healing and life-enrichment which can be studied and practiced by itself, if the reader so chooses. Certainly each is comprehensible by itself, but in the Taoist System, each of these methods implies the oth-ers and is best practiced in combination with the others. Thus, the foundation of all of them, the practice of the meditation of the Mi-crocosmic Orbit, which is the way to circulate the Chi energy throughout our body, is involved in all the other practices. My book that is basically concerned with the Microcosmic Orbit is Awaken Healing Energy and Awaken Healing Light. Two practices that follow are the meditation of the Inner Smile and the Six Healing Sounds. These, too, are also constantly em-phasized. They are set forth in my book, Taoist Ways to Trans-form Stress into Vitality. The present book follows from all that has gone before it, but you can begin with this book and learn from it the full range of Chi self-massage. I do believe that once you begin to practice this network of Taoist Rejuvenation, it will create in you the desire to master the others that I have named. You will then be in a position to benefit fully from my book, Taoist Secrets of Love: Cultivating Male Sexual Energy. s That is as far as my books have come. Concerning the others that will follow I refer you again to the description of our courses and workshops.

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