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Pharmacology is the study of how drugs work in the body. The Color Atlas of Pharmacology 3rd Edition PDF is a comprehensive resource for students and professionals in the field. The book covers all aspects of pharmacology, from basic principles to clinical applications. It is filled with detailed illustrations and photographs that make it easy to understand complex concepts. The Color Atlas of Pharmacology 3rd Edition PDF is an essential tool for anyone who wants to learn more about pharmacology.


Pharmacotherapy has always been an integral part of the medical field. However, despite its importance, it is currently facing urgent political and economic calls for reform in many countries. These calls are driven by socioeconomic pressures, which make it difficult for healthcare systems to provide pharmacotherapy treatments to all who need them. Nevertheless, pharmacotherapy remains a vital part of modern medicine.

Clearly, a pocket atlas can provide only a basic framework. Comprehensive knowledge has to be gained frommajor textbooks. As is evident from the drug lists included in the Appendix, some 600 drugs are covered in the present Atlas. This number should be suf cient for everyday medical practice and could be interpreted as a Model List.

Pharmacotherapy has come a long way in the past few years. We have had to incorporate new plates and text passages, and expunge obsolete approaches. Several plates needed to be brought in line with the most recent advances, but we have done it. The new pharmacotherapy is more effective and efficient than ever before, and patients are benefiting from it.

It is hoped that this compendium may aid in promoting the critical awareness and rational attitude required to meet that demand. We are grateful for comments and suggestions from colleagues, and from students, both doctoral and undergraduate. Thanks are due to Professor R. Lüllmann-Rauch for histological and cell-biological advice. We are indebted to Ms. M. Mauch and Ms. K. Jürgens, Thieme Verlag, for their care and assistance and to Ms. Gabriele Kuhn for harmonious editorial guidance.

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Former Professor, Division of Basic Medical Sciences, Faculty of Medicine, Memorial University of New Foundland, St Johns, Canada

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  • Year:2005
  • Edition:3rd ed., rev. and expanded
  • Publisher:Thieme
  • Language:english
  • Pages:414
  • ISBN 13:9781588903327
  • ISBN:158890332X
  • File:PDF, 10.11 MB

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