Critical Care Notes Clinical Pocket Guide 3rd Edition PDF download

Book Description:

This pocket-sized, quick reference is your go-to guide for the precise yet comprehensive clinical information you need to care for adult patients safely and effectively.

Completely revised and updated, you’ll find even more of what you need at a moment’s notice, including coverage of rebreathing masks, cardiac surgeries, traumatic brain and head injuries, MRSA prevention and treatment guidelines, and much more!

Key Features :

  • Quick-reference coverage of must-know concepts, skills, and procedures to ensure safe patient care
  • Consistent presentation by body system of 95 commonly encountered diseases/conditions as well as multiple system failure, trauma, and burns
  • Definition of Disease or Condition
  • Underlying Pathophysiology
  • Clinical Presentation (signs/symptoms)
  • Diagnostic Tests and Arrhythmia Strips (where applicable)
  • Management of Clinical Condition
  • Information on 40 medications specific to Critical Care
  • Coverage of multiple system failure, trauma, and burns
  • Handy tools, including a guide to abbreviations, ECG record, form for phone numbers/community resources, Spanish and non-verbal communication tools, and index for quick reference
  • Write-on, wipe-off, reusable pages with full-color illustrations

New to this Edition :

Updated & REVISED! Thoroughly updated and revised throughout to reflect the art and the science of critical care nursing practice as well as the newest evidence and changes in health care.

Table of Contents:

Tab 1 – Basics
Tab 2 – Cardiovascular
Tab 3 – Respiratory
Tab 4 – Genitourinary
Tab 5 – Neuro
Tab 6 – Gastrointestinal
Tab 7 – Hematology/oncology
Tab 8 – Endocrine
Tab 9 – Multi-system failure/trauma/burns
Tab 10 -Critical Care Meds
Tab 11- Tools

Critical Care Notes Clinical Pocket Guide 3rd Edition PDF Free Download

About the Authors/Authors Notes :

anice Jones, Brenda Fix

More Info and Download Links:

No. of pages: 292
Language: English
File Size : 7.3 MB
File Format : PDF

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