Diagnostic Pathology Head and Neck 2nd Edition PDF download

Diagnostic Pathology Head and Neck 2nd Edition PDF Free Download

The second edition of Diagnostic Pathology: Head & Neck has more than 1,100 pages organized into 10 sections, including Nasal Cavity and Paranasal Sinuses, Pharynx, Larynx and Trachea, Oral Cavity, Salivary Glands, Jaw, Ear and Temporal Bone, Neck, Thyroid Gland, and Parathyroid Glands. Each section begins with a short overview of the normal histology and anatomy of the site, followed by nonneoplastic lesions, benign and malignant neoplasms. The key facts and initial gallery of photographs allow for a quick reference of the topic. Presented in a highly templated and bulleted format, the 327 chapters include definitions, etiology, clinical and demographic parameters, treatment and prognosis, imaging findings, pathologic features (macroscopic, microscopic), ancillary studies (cytology, special stains, immunohistochemistry, molecular studies, genetics, and ultrastructure), and differential diagnoses. The reciprocal nature of the differential diagnoses was highlighted in this print edition but is also linked electronically to allow for easy comparison between entities. More than 4,300 illustrations and graphics are included in this book and the accompanying electronic version, highlighting diagnostic features and supporting findings for each entity. Many new and unfolding entities are included, but due to the rapidly and constantly changing landscape of pathology, we know that information outdates quickly. To this end, the addition of these chapters to the ExpertPath collection allows us to keep this content fresh and relevant with ongoing updates. We hope that Diagnostic Pathology: Head & Neck, Second Edition will be a useful, practical, and valuable resource for individuals with interest in diseases of the head and neck.

More Info:

Hardcover: 1192 pages
2 edition (March 2, 2016)
Language: English

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