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    • 850 Exam-Style Questions
  • Complete Answers Explanations
  • High-Yield, Exam-Relevant Topics
  • Powerful Strategies to Increase Your Score


Preparing for and doing well on the USMLE Step I are essential requirements on the road to becoming a practicing physician. The skits needed for preparation and execution on multiple-choice tests have little to do with the day-to-day practice of medicine but ate necessary hurdles that you must overcome to advance on your medical caret rake hear-dis task is not visor. mountable; them have been many ahead of you. It only requires some knowledge of techniques, a little planning, a dash of impertinence, and above all patience. this guidebook is intended to help you with this process

• The first chaplet, titled inside the USMLE Step I Exam,’ within the Test-Toting and Stu* Strategies Guide section was developed to help you gain a better understanding of the exam. It includes a thorough analysis of the question subtypes. In addition, it describes the overall purpose of the exam, as well as its structure and design, and offers crucial insights to help you do your best on test day.

• The last four chapters of the Test-Toking and Study Strategies Guide section offer practical suggestions to help you make the most of your preparation time and avoid common pitfalls in the exam itself. These chapters summarize the key study and test strategies that have helped thousands of students achieve their maximum score. Use these strategies and approaches as you waft through the tests in this Qbook. Also reread the final chapters of this guide as your exam approaches to get great advice on what to do during the weeks leading up to the exam, as well as on test day Itself.

• The Qbook Practice rests contain a total of 850 Step 1-style questions divided into test blocks of 50 questions each These blocks are designed to give you a sense of how the actual exam is constructed. Each test is followed by comprehensive explanations of both the correct and incorrect answer choices. We recommend that you wait until you complete your review of a subject area before taking an exam, that you take each exam in the allotted one-hour time frame, and that you do not look at the answers until you have completed an exam in its entirety. Following each test, review why each answer is correct and why each distracter is wrong. This will provide you with the information needed to answer other similar questions on the same topic There am two exams in Anatomy, Behavioral Science. Biochemistry, Microbiology/Immunology, Pharmacology, and Physiology. Because of the increasingly clinical nature of the exam, we have included five tests covering Pathology and Pathophysiology A list of standard lab values can be found on pp. 447-448 tot easy reference.

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