Easy and Interesting Approach to Human Neuroanatomy (Clinically Oriented) PDF

Easy and Interesting Approach to Human Neuroanatomy (Clinically Oriented) PDF Free Download

During the long journey of my teaching experience for more than 40 years, I had the opportunity to notice the metamorphosis of my subject, Anatomy. I still remember my memorable days as a student of 1st professional MBBS (1st MBBS) course, when my esteemed and respected teachers, as stalwarts in the field of anatomy, used to be satisfied only after getting answers of the questions like, what are the structures passing through canaliculus innominatus (not foramen ovale!) or what are the structure punctured, in order from superficial to deep, if a deep pin-prick is made at the apex of femoral triangle. I have experienced that while asked in examination, marks were divided for enumeration of the structures related to lateral aspect of palatine tonsil starting from paratonsillar vein (of great clinical significance) up to ramus of mandible(!). My learned renowned teachers had been very caring to teach all these details to us. But it was the time when Anatomy used be taught as ‘only Anatomy’. Since the beginning of my teaching profession, as time rolled on, I observed revolution in the subject of anatomy. Gradually, the subject became more and more delicious when we achieved the techniques to bite through the dry and hard cortex to enjoy the taste of juicy marrow of the subject through its more horizontal as well as vertical integration and clinical orientation, of course, with omission of unnecessary details. I believe, all anatomists like me, are thankful and grateful to Medical Council of India and Anatomical Society of India who have been pioneer to bring this revolution. My present submission, Easy and Interesting Approach to Human Neuroanatomy (Clinically Oriented), is an attempt to follow the revolutionary path. Avoiding further details, I can only say, the title of the book, through its every word, of speaks of its aims and objectives.

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