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Get ahead! Surgery 100 EMQs for Finals 2nd Edition PDF


Welcome to Get ahead! SURGERY. This book contains 100 EMQ themes, each with five stems, arranged as six practice papers lasting two hours apiece. You can either work through the practice papers systematically or dip in and out of the book using the EMQ theme titles as a guide to where questions on a specific topic can be found. We have tried to include all the surgical conditions about which you can be expected to know, as well as some more detailed knowledge suitable for candidates aiming towards distinction. As in the real exam, these papers have no preset pass mark. Whether you pass or fail depends on the distribution of scores across the whole year group, but around 60% should be sufficient. We hope this book fulfils its aim in being a useful, informative revision aid. If you have any feedback or suggestions, please let us know ([email protected]). We would also like to acknowledge the help of Stephen Clausard, Development Editor at CRC Press, for his patience and proactivity in commissioning and supporting this edition and others in the Get ahead! series. GET AHEAD! Extended matching questions (EMQs) are becoming more popular as a method of assessment in summative medical school examinations.
EMQs have the advantage of testing candidates’ knowledge of clinical scenarios rather than their ability at detailed factual recall. However, they do not always parallel real-life situations and are no comparison to clinical decision making. Either way, the EMQ is here to stay. The Get ahead! series is aimed primarily at undergraduate finalists. Much like the real exam, we have endeavoured to include commonly asked questions as well as a generous proportion of harder stems, appropriate for the more ambitious student aiming for honours. The Medical Schools Council Assessment Alliance (MSCAA) is a partnership aiming to improve assessment practice between all undergraduate medical schools in the UK. The questions in the Get ahead! series are written to follow the style of the MSCAA EMQs, and hence are of a similar format to what many of you can expect in your exams. All the questions in the Get ahead! series are accompanied by explanatory answers, including a succinct summary of the key features of each condition. Even when you get an answer right, I strongly suggest you read these – I guarantee you’ll learn something. For added interest, we have included details of eponymous persons (‘eponymous’ from Greek epi = upon + onyma = name; ‘giving name’), and, as you have just seen, some derivations of words from the original Latin or Greek.

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