Gray’s Surface Anatomy and Ultrasound PDF

The use of surface anatomy has always been fundamental to clinical practice, for example, for locating a safe injection site or performing an examination of the abdomen. Knowledge of surface anatomy is also essential for using ultrasound. With the introduction of portable ultrasound, there has been a rapid rise in its use in a range of different specialties. As such, there is now a need to ensure that medical and healthcare undergraduate and postgraduate education reflects this service need. In many universities, it is not uncommon to find portable ultrasound units within the anatomy laboratory, where it is being used as an adjunct to more traditional anatomy teaching practices. Its ease of use means that it can be utilized by students. Furthermore, it provides the student with a real-time view of anatomy. For example, the beating of the heart, peristaltic movements within the gastrointestinal tract and muscular contractions during limb movements. Understanding surface anatomy is dependent on understanding the underlying structures, which, unless obscured by bone, can be viewed by ultrasound. Conversely, understanding where to place the ultrasound transducer and how to interpret the image is dependent on knowing the underlying gross anatomy and the overlying surface anatomy. The aim of the book was to develop a resource that blended for the first time surface anatomy and ultrasound. Expanding the highly esteemed Gray’s series, this book provides the perfect companion to Gray’s Anatomy for Students, Gray’s Basic Anatomy, Gray’s Atlas of Anatomy, Gray’s Anatomy Review and the original Gray’s Anatomy. It is a valuable resource for students studying medicine, physiotherapy, chiropractic, dentistry, nursing and sports therapy, as well as for physician’s associates and many other healthcare professionals.

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