How to Prepare the Endometrium to Maximize Implantation Rates and IVF Success PDF

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How to Prepare the Endometrium to Maximize Implantation Rates and IVF Success PDF Free Download

The embryo transfer is the final step in the in vitro fertilization (IVF) treatment cycle, and it is the step with the greatest failure rate. Success requires implantation which depends on the normality of the embryo its ability to achieve apposition, adhesion and attachment. For this to occur successfully, endometrium has to be receptive. Endometrial receptivity is considered the ‘Black Box’ of reproductive technologies. While considerable advances have been made in obtaining oocytes, fertilization and embryo development in vitro, little progress has been achieved in improving implantation rates following transfer of a high-quality embryo. This will require a greater understanding of how the endometrium becomes receptive, the blastocyst–maternal interactions during the final stages of blastocyst development in the microenvironment within the uterine cavity, and how appropriate preparation of both the endometrial epithelium and the developing decidua are critical to establish a viable pregnancy. The contributions in this volume, from well-recognized experts in their fields, will update clinicians and scientists alike on the latest developments in the field.

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