Oculoplastic Surgery 3rd Edition PDF

This textbook has beenwrittenwiththe intentionofproviding the reader with a pragmatic approach to the diagnosis and management of patients presenting with a broad range of oculoplastic, orbital, andlacrimalproblems anddisorders. This third edition has been updated, improved, and expanded. Althoughaimedprimarilyat theophthalmologistwithamajor interest in the subspecialty, it should prove very useful to clinicians of all grades and experience in several other specialties that share an interest in thefields of ophthalmic plastic and reconstructive surgery, orbital and lacrimal surgery:
● Plastic surgeons
● Maxillofacial surgeons
● ENT surgeons
● Neurosurgeons
● Dermatologists and dermatological surgeons
● Neuroradiologists
● Cosmetic physicians The reader should already have acquired a basic knowledge of eyelid, orbital, and facial anatomy and should seek to expand this knowledge as much as possible. As the eye, periocular area, and orbit represent a major crossroads of surgical anatomical dissection, the surgeon/clinician who wishes to contribute to this field should acquire a very detailed knowledge of the anatomy of this area and its adjacent structures. Applied anatomy relevant to each problem/disorder and to each surgical procedure is presented in detail in an updated dedicated anatomy chapter and the surgical and nonsurgical procedures described are based on anatomical principles as much as possible. Important principles are highlighted in the text as key points in boxes. Pertinent clinical signs, investigations, surgical indications, important technical considerations, and complications receive appropriate emphasis in each chapter. The surgical techniques and procedures described are not exhaustive but represent those most commonly used in the author’s own practice. The text is accompanied by a considerable number of high-quality color photographs, complementary original illustrations, and some high definition videos. References have not been cited throughout the text; instead, further reading lists havebeenprovided at the endof each chapter to serve as a starting point for those who may wish to pursue additional information.

Dr. Taimour is a dedicated medical professional and passionate advocate for international medical graduates seeking to pursue their dream of becoming a doctor abroad. With a wealth of experience and firsthand knowledge of the challenges and rewards of this journey, Dr. Harrison is committed to helping aspiring physicians navigate the complex world of medical licensure exams, such as the USMLE and PLAB, and find their path to success in foreign medical practice.

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