The Human Body in Health and Disease 6th Edition PDF

The Human Body in Health and Disease 6th Edition PDF Free Download

This book about the human body represents the latest and best information available. The Human Body in Health & Disease is a guide for future health professionals who are just beginning their exploration of the complex human organism. It not only presents introductory material on the elegance and efficiency of the healthy human body but also shows what happens when things go wrong. To truly understand the human body, one must appreciate both normal and abnormal structure and function. As we prepared this newest edition, each decision regarding how concepts were to be presented in our book was evaluated by teachers actually working in the field— teachers currently helping students learn about human structure, function, and disease for the first time. We also consulted closely with working health professionals and medical writers to ensure that our references to disease processes and related topics are current, accurate, and clearly summarized. We also paid careful attention to what research tells us about how the brain reads and processes new information, enabling us to present information in a way the promotes student success. The result is a text that students will read with enthusiasm—one designed to help the teacher teach and the student learn. This book is particularly suited to introductory courses about the human body in relation to various health professions. The Human Body in Health & Disease emphasizes concepts that are required knowledge for entry into more advanced courses, completion of professional licensing examinations, and success in a practical, work-related environment. Instructional Design Unifying Themes Anatomy, physiology, and introductory pathology encompass a body of knowledge that, because of its sheer magnitude, can easily discourage and overwhelm the new student. There is no question, however, that competency in these fields is essential for student success in almost every health-related or science curriculum.

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