The Single-Tooth Implant PDF download

The Single-Tooth Implant PDF Free Download

Our love and passion for dentistry as well as a desire to share what we have learned over the years as clinicians, teachers, and researchers led us to write this modern-day textbook on the single-tooth implant. The replacement of the single tooth with a dental implant is one of the most common clinical situations practitioners face on a daily basis. During our respective careers and close collaboration over the last 15 years, we have completely modified our approach to the management of hopeless teeth, especially in the esthetic zone. In the past, sockets were left untouched after tooth extraction for months before attending to the residual ridge. Today we perform “one surgery, one time” whenever possible, which is quite often and a huge benefit to both the patient and clinician alike. We have documented the periodontal and restorative interrelationships in treatment with great success alongside new and innovative techniques that enhanced esthetic outcomes in less treatment time for our patients. During the compilation of this book, the reader was always foremost in our minds, with the hope of providing not only a better understanding of diagnosis and treatment with evidence-based concepts but also biologic principles of wound healing, thus making patient care faster, easier, simpler, more predictable, and, in many cases, less costly. We hope you enjoy seeing the results of our professional journey in this challenging field and enjoy reading this textbook as much as we enjoyed composing it. We wish you much success in the treatment endeavors with your patients!

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Hardcover: 230 pages
1 edition (5 Nov. 2019)
Language: English

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