Toronto Notes 2016 PDF download

Toronto Notes 2016 PDF Free Download

As the Editors-in-Chief of Toronto Notes 2016 we are proud to present this updated edition. Toronto Notes began humbly in 1985 from a set of student notes circulated among medical students at the University of Toronto. Over time, Toronto Notes has grown into one of the premier study resources for generations of Canadian medical school graduates. This rich history has led to our firm commitment to publish a comprehensive study resource for medical students engaged in clinical rotations and studying for both the USMLE Step 2 and Canadian MCCQE Part 1. For over 30 years we have remained committed to our original vision. The 2016 edition of Toronto Notes contains significant improvements including: 1. A new emphasis on ‘Approaches to Common Clinical Presentations’ in addition to traditional content organized by disease. 2. A completely revised Psychiatry chapter incorporating the DSM-V in a quick-to-reference and readable format. 3. The Toronto Notes Quiz App, which is available for free on iTunes and Google Play. This app contains hundreds of questions allowing users to test themselves on the content contained within Toronto Notes. 4. A significantly improved interactive eBook with many new high-quality colour images.
5. A brand-new Clinical Handbook that is more concise, has numerous new figures, and features approaches to hundreds of common clinical situations. Toronto Notes 2016 is produced by Toronto Notes for Medical Students Inc., which is a non-for-profit organization supporting various charity organizations in the city of Toronto. This year Toronto Notes for Medical Students has supported organizations including medical school clubs, community outreach groups, student bursaries and scholarships, and the Canadian Cancer Society. Your purchase of Toronto Notes 2016 is much appreciated by these welldeserving groups. We would like to highlight the exceptional work of our team, composed of over 150 medical students, medical illustrators/artists, and faculty members at the University of Toronto Faculty of Medicine. Without the tireless effort expended by these individuals the production of Toronto Notes 2016 would not have been possible. In particular, we would like to highlight the work of the executive team, all of whom made personal sacrifices in balancing clinical work with the responsibilities asked of them.