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Atlas of Reconstructive Breast Surgery 1st Edition PDF download

Breast reconstruction is a common surgical procedure performed by many plastic surgeons around the world. It is an essential part of reconstructive breast surgery and good outcomes benefit many women with significant improvement in the quality of their lives after partial or total mastectomy for cancer. Many plastic surgeons, including both editors, started their careers by doing breast reconstruction and have gained extensive clinical experience over the years. Although there are many published books on breast reconstruction, most books are either too extensive or not comprehensive enough. Because of the increased incidence of breast reconstructive surgery, many plastic surgeons have focused their clinical practice on this area. For this reason, there is a need to create an atlas of reconstructive breast surgery that is not too extensive, but comprehensive enough, to cover all contemporary breast reconstructive surgery. In 2017 both editors were approached by a worldrenowned medical publisher, Elsevier, to create an atlas of reconstructive breast surgery. We were asked to put together such an atlas that would be relatively handy and can be used worldwide by busy plastic surgeons for their daily practices in breast reconstruction. With these goals in mind, we have selected many international experts in breast reconstruction who have been at the forefront of breast reconstructive surgery. We have put together a 24-chapter atlas on reconstructive breast surgery that should be a good reference for most reconstructive breast surgeons. In this atlas, we have eight chapters that focus on autologous breast reconstruction. Among these are chapters on free TRAM flaps, free muscle-sparing TRAM flaps, and DIEP flaps, the three primary work horses. In addition, advanced microsurgical breast reconstruction is presented including SIEA flaps, gluteal artery perforator flaps, profound artery perforator flaps, and transverse upper gracilis flaps. The traditional pedicled TRAM flap and latissimus dorsi flap are also included in this atlas.

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