Attention Deficit Disorder Practical Coping Mechanisms 2nd Edition PDF

Attention Deficit Disorder Practical Coping Mechanisms 2nd Edition PDF Free Download

The biggest challenge of specializing in the diagnosis and treatment of attention deficit disorder and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADD/ADHD) for the last 15, going on 20, years has been the controversy and the vast array of opinions regarding one disorder. I recall being on a panel with rather esteemed colleagues for a large pediatric conference several years ago. Every time the audience asked a question, none of us agreed with one another. While attempting to be polite and not to dispute one another publicly, it was rather clear that no one agreed on what ADD/ADHD was and what it wasn’t. The result was a lot of confusion for the public, who probably left this meeting with more questions than answers. Since that day I have always dreamed of having a book in which professionals from all types of disciplines could express their opinions about this rather controversial and disputed over- and under-diagnosed disorder in order to help other professionals and the public to have a better sense of exactly what ADD is.
Although there are opinions expressed in this book that differ based upon the discipline of the writer, there are even more themes that are similar and represent agreement in the field. Many, many books have been published on ADD/ ADHD. What makes this book different is that its contributors and the wide range of professionals who contributed their opinion represent one of the first times — if not the first time—that experts from all of the professional fields—functional medicine; neurology; sleep medicine; psychiatry; cardiology; neuropsychology; psychology; family practice; academic, speech and language pathology; tutorial, weight/nutrition, and respiratory therapy,—united their efforts. I hope that this will be the beginning of a new era in the world of ADD/ADHD, where professionals from different disciplines gather to exchange knowledge rather than to dispute one another in their correct opinion.

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