Campbell-Walsh Urology 12th Edition Review 3rd Edition PDF download

Campbell-Walsh Urology 12th Edition Review 3rd Edition PDF Free Download

This study guide is designed to provide the reader with a comprehensive review of urology based on the text Campbell-Walsh-Wein Urology, twelfth edition. Each chapter includes a series of questions and possible answers, explanations for each answer, and a collection of chapter review points. Within the answer explanations, text of particular importance has been indicated in blue. If the reader knows the blue text and the chapter review points, he or she will know the majority of important points for that particular chapter. Moreover, if the questions are understood and the emphasized points are remembered, then the reader will have a thorough understanding of the important aspects of each chapter. It is important to note that some of the questions are not of the format used in standardized tests such as the Qualifying Examination of the American Board of Urology. The proper format for examination questions is a question that asks for the one best possible answer out of five. While many questions in this review guide are in this format, some additional formats are used for teaching purposes. For example, “all of the following are true except” allows the author to provide the reader with four true statements regarding the question, and “more than one answer may be correct” also allows the author to make several points. Both formats serve to broaden the reader’s knowledge. We hope that this study guide will be helpful to both the resident or fellow in training and the practicing clinician in refreshing knowledge as well as in preparing for a urology examination.

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