CBT A Clinician’s Guide to Using the Five Areas Approach PDF

CBT A Clinician’s Guide to Using the Five Areas Approach PDF Free Download

We hope you tear up this book … Tear it up? Well, yes, because it’s a book to be used. It contains a wealth of practical learning from research and clinical delivery, and is based on feedback from clinicians, voluntary sector colleagues and people who have used the approach in practice. From this we have distilled a range of practical ‘how to’ learning points that address the key questions that are asked again and again: MM Who can use the cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) approach? MM How do you best introduce and support the resources in everyday clinical work? MM What if someone feels stuck? MM How do you decide which resource is the most helpful? MM What if you only have limited time? and more…
Who is this book for? These resources are aimed at: MM Health, social and voluntary sector workers wanting to gain an overview of the Five Areas CBT approach and specific skills on how to assess, introduce and support people in using the various Five Areas resources. MM Managers and commissioners planning to redesign their services to include a range of high and low intensity approaches. Why use the Five Areas approach? Mental health problems are common and distressing. Words used in formal clinical diagnoses of depression and anxiety such as ‘mild’ and ‘moderate’ to describe severity fail to do justice to just how nasty low mood and anxiety are for the person, their family and friends. Fortunately, effective treatments exist – and these include both medication, such as antidepressants, and also psychotherapeutic approaches. Evidence-based reviews confirm that the CBT approach has the widest application across mental and physical health disorders. However, the biggest current challenge is how to provide wide access to the CBT approach. Currently, for many, access to CBT delivered by specialists is still restricted. This restriction is not only because of a lack of specialised practitioners but also other issues that restrict use, including the need for patients to travel, attend during normal working hours and then have to spend some of their already flagging mental energy learning the complex language used in CBT. A key issue in CBT (as indicated by initials such as CBT) is therefore how to communicate the model clearly without the use of jargon.

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