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Together with my colleague Avroy A. Fanaroff (and more recently, Michele C. Walsh), we have been privileged to transform the third edition (1983) of this text into its 11th edition over a span of 35 years. This has been a great honor and an enormous learning experience. Over this time, although neonatal survival rates may give reason to rejoice, the persistent respiratory and neurodevelopmental problems observed in former preterm infants remain cause for concern. Fortunately, we have made great strides in our ability to control nosocomial infections in preterm infants, and both target and achieve the intrauterine rate of growth through improved nutritional support. Meanwhile, the complex, ever-expanding genetic disorders and birth defects now loom as major problems in the neonatal intensive care unit and as leading causes of neonatal mortality. The field of Neonatal-Perinatal Medicine has transitioned from anecdotal medicine to evidence-based medicine. The problem is that evidence-based medicine predicts outcomes for groups but not individuals. The next frontier, individualized or personalized medicine, requires application of the human genome project to the individual patient. That frontier may be rapidly approaching with the acquisition and application of new knowledge and technology. Over the last decades, translation of bench research to bedside innovation has proceeded remarkably as has understanding of the underlying mechanisms of many complex disorders. Advances in genetics have provided insight into the etiology of many disorders, and many previously mysterious diseases can now be attributed to single gene defects or mitochondrial disorders accompanied by cellular energy failure. We have attempted to address and incorporate these advances into the body of the text. For this 11th edition, we have added several new sections and multiple new authors, notably expanding our international contributors, hence providing a truly global perspective. Many sections have been completely reorganized, and a large number of chapters have been rewritten or updated. We remain exceedingly grateful to our accomplished authors who have responded enthusiastically and maintained our need for a rapid timeline in this electronic era. As with prior editions, the 11th edition is available both in print and as an e-book on the Expert Consult platform, in a fully searchable and portable format. This book would not exist without the remarkable clinical and intellectual environment that constitutes Rainbow Babies & Children’s Hospital in Cleveland. On a daily basis, we gain knowledge from our faculty colleagues and fellows, and wisdom from our nursing staff who are so committed to their young patients. Once again, we have been blessed with an in-house editor, Bonnie Siner, to whom we cannot adequately express our thanks. She is the glue behind the binding in the book, and she has worked tirelessly with Elsevier staff members to bring this project to fruition. Elsevier has, once again, provided the resources to accomplish this mammoth task.

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