Fundamentals of Congenital Minimally Invasive Cardiac Surgery PDF download

Book Description:

Fundamentals of Congenital Minimally Invasive Cardiac Surgery is a first of its kind, fully-illustrated guide that is solely dedicated to the most diffused congenital minimally invasive cardiac surgery procedures. It provides detailed, step-by-step descriptions of surgical maneuvers to underline each aspect of the procedures along with full color drawings and operative pictures to enhance understanding. Each chapter fully describes the preoperative setting, the needed materials and the required technical skills that make specific congenital heart defects amenable to minimally invasive surgical treatment.

This is the perfect go-to reference for pediatric and congenital cardiac surgeons, and is also a must-have guide for residents in cardiac surgery who are looking to review the technical aspects and outcomes of utilizing a minimally invasive approach for cardiac surgery.

Key Features

  • Provides an extensive, step-by-step description of the most common minimally invasive pediatric cardiac surgical procedures
  • Uses high quality, full color drawings and operative pictures of the most important steps of the procedures to facilitate understanding
  • Combines information on both the detailed operations of minimally invasive pediatric cardiac surgery and the approach behind them

Table of Contents:

1. The evolution of minimally invasive cardiac surgery for patients with CHDs
2. Anesthesia for minimally invasive surgery
3. Operative echocardiography
4. Cardiopulmonary-bypass strategies
5. Surgical instruments
6. Mid-line lower mini-sternotomy
7. Mid-line superior mini-sternotomy
8. Right-anterior mini-thoracotomy
9. Right-lateral “axillary” mini-thoracotomy
10. Postoperative issue
11. Surgical results
12. Postoperative outcomes
13. Future perspectives

Fundamentals of Congenital Minimally Invasive Cardiac Surgery PDF Free Download

About the Authors/Authors Notes :

Vladimiro Vida
Prof. Vida is a surgeon in the Department of Cardiac, Thoracic and Vascular Sciences at the Pediatric and Congenital Cardiac Surgery Unit at the University of Padua Medical School in Italy. He spent 2 years with Prof. Aldo Castaneda in Guatemala and almost 2 years with Prof. Del Nido at Children’s Hospital Boston, Harvard Medical School. Prof. Vida published more that 150 peer-reviewed paper and edited several books and book chapters. He has also been invited by numerous societies to present the results of his experience. His major research areas include neonatal congenital heart surgery, minimally invasive surgery, congenital heart disease in adults. MD Residentship (Padua) Fellowship (Guatemala, Prof. Aldo Castaneda) FEllowship (Boston, Children’s Hospital, Harvard University) PHD (cardiovascular Sciences) Master in Pediatric Cardiology Master in Cardiovascular Pathology Master in Vascular Medicine

Affiliations and Expertise
Associate Professor of Cardiac Surgery, University of Padua

Giovanni Stellin

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