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Handbook of Obstetric Medicine 5th Edition PDF Free Download

Handbook of Obstetric Medicine 5th Edition PDF

Despite an increasing awareness of the importance of pre-existing or new-onset medical problems in pregnancy as causes of maternal, fetal and neonatal morbidity and mortality, care for many women remains sub-optimal. Medical diseases are encountered in every antenatal clinic and in every delivery suite in every country. The prevalence of medical disorders in pregnancy is increasing because women are delaying pregnancy until they are older and more likely to have acquired medical disorders such as hypertension, renal disease and diabetes. In addition, advances in medicine and surgery have resulted in women with complex medical histories now presenting either pregnant or requesting assisted reproductive therapies. Age is no longer a barrier to reproduction. Every clinician caring for pregnant or potentially pregnant women needs to understand the interaction between medical disorders and pregnancy and needs to be able to counsel women about these interactions as well as about the safety of investigations and drug therapy during pregnancy and while breastfeeding. All obstetricians need to be confident in the diagnosis of new-onset medical problems that may face them with increasing frequency.
This edition of the Handbook of Obstetric Medicine retains the pragmatic, easy-to-use, ready reference design. For the fifth edition, I have used the same basic format for the first 15 chapters covering different systems. For each condition there is a description of incidence, clinical features, pathogenesis, diagnosis, the effect of and on pregnancy and management of each condition. ‘Points to remember’ boxes serve as summaries and revision. Chapter 16 describes the differential diagnosis of common symptoms, signs and abnormal investigations encountered in pregnancy and is laid out as tables. All the chapters have been updated and revised to reflect current understanding and evidence to support management strategies for medical disorders in pregnancy. The suggestions for further reading include relevant guidelines where appropriate. Readers are reminded about other useful resources such as the journal of the International Society of Obstetric Medicine, Obstetric Medicine: The Medicine of Pregnancy, available online at obm.sagepub.com.

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