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Keep reading this preface! I suspect that most modern readers in our fast-paced, social networking world do not read the preface to a book. They would rather just dive right in. But if you or someone you care about has lupus, the information and advice in this preface could be lifesaving. Did you know that . . . cigarette smoking decreases the effectiveness of the most important therapy used to treat lupus? eating alfalfa sprouts and mung bean sprouts can make lupus worse? eating foods such as walnuts, olive oil, and flax seed may p otentially be helpful in lupus? taking Echinacea (an herb used to ” treat” colds) can make lupus worse? any source of ultraviolet light, including indoor lighting, makes lupus worse? the newer, environmentally friendly home light bulbs (compact fluorescent bulbs) give off more ultraviolet light than the older incandescent light bulbs and can make lupus more active?
you are exposed to less ultraviolet light from the sun if you drive with your car windows up as opposed to driving with them down? memory problems and fatigue are very common in p eople who have lupus , and there are ways to look for their causes and therefore p otentially help decrease their severity? most p eople who have systemic lupus erythematosus will live a long, normal life , especially if they know t h e right things t o do t o keep their lupus under control? if someone who has systemic lupus d ie s , it more commonly is due to a heart attack, stroke, or infection instead of the lupus itself? broken bones from osteoporosis are p otentially deadly (a silent killer), are common in lupu s , and are preventable? annoying dry mouth, dry eye s , or dry skin may be important clue s for an underrecognized complication of lupus called Sj ogren’s syndrome?

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