Infectious Diseases Microbiology and Virology PDF download

Infectious Diseases Microbiology and Virology PDF Free Download

Training in infection-related specialities in the United Kingdom has undergone substantial changes over the past years. Combination of specialities (microbiology, virology, tropical medicine and infectious diseases) and the desire for infection specialists to increase clinical activities and reduce laboratory-based practice have led to a fundamental change in examination methodology. Our aim was to produce a book that mapped to the current infection training curriculum in line with the examination style of ‘best of five’ answers. We have designed this book to test the knowledge of candidates preparing for examinations in infection specialities, but it is also our aim to have a broader appeal to other specialities with infection as a core component of their training. The book has 300 ‘best of five’ questions; along with the answers, there are detailed explanations and background to the answers, including suggestions for further reading around the subject. Readers who through this book identify curriculum areas where their understanding may be sub-optimal can then focus their revision to optimise their learning. We are both practising infection consultants supervising current infection trainees preparing for examinations during busy clinical placements and have a deep understanding of the stress that assessments can cause. We hope you enjoy the book and it provides knowledge and guidance that will serve you beyond the examinations.

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