Psychiatry 2 Volume Set 4th Edition PDF

Psychiatry 2 Volume Set 4th Edition PDF Free Download

In the two decades since work began on the first edition of Psychiatry, the transformation of our field has gained increasing momentum. Our understanding of the microstructure and function of the brain, and of the genetic controls of the brain reveals ever more amazing information which has already begun to transform clinical practice and psychiatric education. Further, the changes in the ways we have access to information have led to dramatic improvement of accessibility to our growing knowledge base. Yet, the clinical core of our discipline remains the imperative to integrate the best of our humanistic traditions with our cutting-edge scientific advances. And, in spite of the fast pace of change, this challenge remains the organizing heart of the information in this present edition. The value of our approach in Psychiatry is reflected by the acceptance of the global community of psychiatrists, which has led to it becoming a leading reference text around the world. This edition is marked not only by extensive revision of all chapters, and by the addition of many new chapters, but also by another major restructuring of the book. We now have added new sections, reflecting both the expansion of our knowledge base, and what we believe will be a more useful organization of the material, especially in the areas of the collaborative care and psychosomatic medicine and emergency and crisis intervention psychiatry.
With all the revising and restructuring though, our approach continues to emphasize an integrative biopsychosocial philosophy in both understanding psychopathology and providing treatment. And, as always, we hold to the view that the context of our understanding and intervention remains the therapeutic alliance we develop and maintain with our patients. You also will see that we have changed our panel of section editors and editors, reflecting both the breadth of the field, and the increasingly international scope of our work. Our newest editor is Professor Michelle Riba, and internationally known expert in psychosomatic medicine, psycho-oncology, and collaborative care who now serves in leadership in the World Psychiatric Association and the Pacific Rim College of Psychiatrists.

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