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PharmCards: Review Cards for Medical Students Fifth Edition 5e PDF is an best one that we have already posted this ealier edition for u.  Currently this fourth edition will be the best one ever for your better understanding of pharmacology.Kindly Support us  by sharing our website with your friends and medical family.

PharmCards: Review Cards for Medical Students Fifth Edition 5e PDF Download

The bestselling card-based pharmacology review for medical and allied health students, this 250+ card set readies students for board exams and clinical wards with fast access to essential coverage of both fundamental and organ system-specific information for the most clinically relevant drugs. Topic selection reflects the expert curriculum guidance of the National Board of Medical Examiners and reinforces understanding of major drug classes as well as specific drugs.

Now available in print or a convenient new digital format optimized for mobile devices, this fifth edition familiarizes students with the most current drugs prescribed in clinical settings and features an enhanced full-color format to provide students the most efficient and effective pharmacologic review.

  • Updated content ensures a confident understanding of the latest and most commonly used drugs.
  • Comprehensive, clinically focused approach helps students ensure success on the USMLE and clinical wards.
  • New full-color format reinforces key concepts and drug details quickly and effectively.
  • New web-based digital version makes review possible at any time, on any device.


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