Rob & Smith’s Operative Pediatric Surgery – Eighth Edition PDF Download

Rob & Smith’s Operative Pediatric Surgery – Eighth Edition book is the best edition among all pediatric surgery books Rob and smith’s Operative Pediatric Surgery is comes with the best surgical procedures and managements since this days protocols are very essential to manage the patient this book complies with all those respective concepts.we hope this book might be the best one for you.Please support us by sharing our website with your friends and family members.

Rob & Smith’s Operative Pediatric Surgery – Eighth Edition PDF

The eighth edition of the acclaimed text Operative Pediatric Surgery continues to provide a unique level of comprehensive detail on the full range of surgically treatable conditions presented in neonate and childhood as well as in utero. With an international list of authors, the chapters have been updated and complemented by the high-quality artwork that has established this operative guide as the standard reference for the pediatric surgeon.

A new team of editors provides authoritative coverage of both laparoscopic and other surgical approaches to every area of pediatric surgery. An e-version with video clips further enhances this definitive resource.

  • ensures authoritative coverage of all aspects of pediatric surgery
  • includes the latest operative techniques
  • reviews alternative surgical approaches
  • aids visualisation by the inclusion of over 1000 illustrations
  • establishes total confidence
About the Author

Mark Davenport, ChM FRCS (Paeds) FRCS (Eng), Kings College Hospital, Denmark Hill,London.

James D. Geiger, MD, Daniel H. Teitelbaum Professor of Surgery, University of Michigan, CS Mott Children’s Hospital, Michigan


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